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Welcome to Cooking for Everyone! I’m Carmen, the foodie behind this site. I figured I’d share a bit about me, so you know a little about who’s behind the posts you read.

Originally from a small town in Canada, I came to America in 2012 and officially became a citizen in 2019. And trust me when I say there hasn’t been a dull moment since moving to America, which includes: multiple moves around the country, working for theCHIVE, appearing on reality TV, and finally, relocating to Puerto Rico; where Barret (my fiancé), Penelope (our daughter), myself and our 2 dogs and 2 cats currently reside. Yes, it’s a bit of a zoo at our house!

I’ve always been passionate about 3 things in life: business, food and animals. I went to university for business, and thoroughly enjoyed the corporate life. However, as my workaholic schedule started limiting my time for cooking and creating in the kitchen, I realized I had a tough decision to make. And by “tough decision” I mean, deep down I already knew I needed to follow my passion for food. So, I did just that. I left the corporate world, and started Cooking for Everyone. Has it been easy? Oh, hell no. But has it been worth it? Absolutely.

Developing recipes makes me feel like a mad scientist at times, my apron becomes my white coat, the measuring cups my beakers; and there’s no better feeling than creating a recipe that turns out delicious. Well, except sharing them with you of course. I love all things food.

Oh, and what about my other passion, dogs? Don’t worry, that passion is still blazing. Especially down here in Puerto Rico, where there’s a serious need for help with strays. I told Barret to prepare to adopt more, he replied with, “Why don’t you just start a shelter?” Don’t tempt me. Until then, we’ll continue to rescue at a smaller level, and help where we can. However, there’s a lot of great rescues and people that currently work tirelessly around the clock, including: The Sato Project, Souls of Satos, and The Puerto Rican Dog Fund (just to name a few). Please check them out!

So, that’s it folks! Those are the cliff notes on me. If you feel like you’d like to read a few more chapters, I tend to post more personal stories in Table Talk; where a collection of thoughts, life experiences and topics of conversation are posted throughout the month.

I’m so excited you’re here. I’m so excited to share my passion with you. Cooking is such an incredible way to connect with people, whether in person, or virtually, food has a way of bringing people together.

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