Ravens View Wine Bar


The Ravens View Wine bar is a little gem nestled away in the desert; a refuge and an oasis, as its website states. This quiet little spot isn’t something you stumble upon in a busy strip mall, and maybe that’s why it’s so incredibly charming. You feel as if you’ve found the only restaurant within miles, which could come as a blessing or a curse. Most likely a blessing, unless you hate delicious food and spectacular sangrias.

Location: 42016 North Old Mine Rd. Cavecreek, Arizona

Overall Score: 4.7/5

Price: $$


From the moment you step into the Ravens View Wine Bar, you immediately feel a sense of ease. I chose the term “ease” for two reasons: 1) A sense of ease that you’re no longer outside in the desert’s unbearable 115° degree heat, and 2) An ease that comes with knowing you’ve stepped into a welcoming place. The decor is a mixture of woods and metals, with splashes of color (like pink!) around the restaurant. How would I describe the style choice? It’s like if a man cave and she shed came together; like a married couple had to compromise on the decor for the space. And, I dig it! From the fresh flowers found on the bar high-tops, to the wine crates on the walls, the balance of masculinity and femininity is done perfectly. To top it off, the views are pretty great too! Sat beside Desert Mountain Golf Course, you get to enjoy scenic views of the mountains, as well as the vast desert landscape (cactus and tumbleweeds included!).

The day we visited the Ravens View, we had spend the entire morning and early afternoon paddle-boarding on Bartlett Lake. So needless to say, after my un-athletic self spent that much time doing physical activity, I was in dire need of a cocktail (and food, of course). Our arrival time was excellent, as we showed up in time for happy hour (yay!). However, the place was a ghost town! I couldn’t believe it, we were the only two in the entire place, minus the bartender and manager. Hey, I wasn’t complaining! The idea of a restaurant to ourselves was perfect on a day like this; one where I had no makeup on, and my wet rat-tail braids from the lake did NOT need an audience.

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