Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen


Here’s a few reasons why I love visiting my parents in Texas: 1) I get to sleep in past 6:00am. Since our dogs stay back in Arizona when we travel to visit my parents, there’s no puppers up at the crack of dawn needing to go out. Although I miss the slobbery kisses as an alarm clock, getting a few extra zzz’s is amazing! 2) I get to spend time with my parents. It’s funny, as you get older you start to value your time with them a lot more. When I was younger, not so much. I was too busy being busy, and neglected spending the time I wish I did with them. Enjoy family time when you can, y’all! And lastly, 3) I eat SO MUCH food. I LOVE the food in Texas. Then you add in Mom’s cooking too, good Lord, I have literally gained 10 pounds since arriving in Texas…

It’s been 4 days.

Anyways, what I’m getting at is, we eat good in Texas.  So it was no surprise that my parents had arranged a birthday dinner for my boyfriend at a place called Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen. Now, a little back story here. My parents and boyfriend have already been to Ambriza (without me!), back a few months ago. But they all had such a great time, they wanted to take me there. Twist my arm.

Location: 10115 Louetta Road Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77070

Menu: Mexican 

Price: $$

The Atmosphere at Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen

A welcoming and laid back vibe is the first thing you’ll feel when walking into Ambriza. Not only will you be greeted by living human hostesses, you’ll also be greeted by Day of the Dead statues. Which, clearly, I became close friends with.

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen

After having our fun taking photos with these guys, our very patient hostess escorted us over to our table. A nice table towards the end of the restaurant that gave us a great view to watch the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. Now granted, we had reservations for 5:30pm, which in all honesty, I haven’t eaten that early since the last time I visited my parents. But! Having early reservations means we missed the mad-rush of people at Ambriza, which my parents had mentioned that this place is hoppin’ every night. I’m cool with a quieter vibe, especially when I’m just planning on entering into a food coma.

On Ambriza’s website it states, ‘We believe that not only should our guests enjoy our food, but also find new friends, share a laugh and create fun memories’. The huge open layout of Ambriza really reinstates this. It’s openness gives opportunity to see the ins and outs of the staff and the patrons of the restaurant. The inclusive environment is the perfect place have a laugh, enjoy some margs, and meet new people.

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen
Love the flow from restaurant to kitchen
Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen
Light and airy bar makes for an inviting atmosphere – where sitting by a stranger seems fun instead of daunting
Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen
Cozy corners with Tequila bottles make for an eclectic, and fun environment

Service at Ambriza

Like I mentioned before, we were there for a fairly early reservation, so the place wasn’t packed. It was still busy, but the staff weren’t swamped (yet!). With that being said, the service was beyond excellent. Our waitress Taylor was incredibly informative, and recommended her top 3 dishes after I inquired about her favorites. Waters for the table, as well as chips and salsa were dropped off almost immediately after getting settled. On top of that, as I oo’d and ah’d over what Margarita to order, Taylor was kind enough to bring a sample of their most popular margarita for me to try. Samples of margaritas? Yes please! Needless to say, Ambriza had some of the best service I’ve ever experienced.

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