The Food at Tostado

I was given the Spanish menu, and B was given the English one (which I didn’t know). So, at first I sat there trying to figure out what was what, and after studying it, I thought, heck with it! There’s a 50/50 chance I’ll probably end up getting what I thought I was ordering. And if not, a surprise meal sounds fun. Within a minute of our server coming to take our order, I realized we had an English menu, so I quickly confirmed what I wanted and we placed our orders.

B got the breakfast burger, which contained a grass-fed patty (from Cabo Rojo), goat cheese and an over medium egg. He also ordered an Iced Mocha with coconut milk – which was to die for. Oh and note to self, goat cheese on a breakfast burger is a GAME CHANGER. Delicious.



I got a Lolita Bowl, which is made up of: the mash of the day (different root vegetables, mashed), scrambled eggs, veggies and a few slices of toast.


When I ordered the Lolita bowl, I was a little weary on how the mash would taste … but it was fabulous with the veggies and eggs; the sweetness of the mash balanced out the dish perfectly.

As we were paying our bill, the place started getting really busy. I was able to look around at other tables and their orders, and dang! The sandwiches look incredible, too. That’s definitely the next dish I’ll be ordering when I head back.


From the inside, to the outside, Tostado is a cheerful, welcoming and upbeat spot to stop in at. Whether you want a classic breakfast dish, or French Toast topped with coconut – Tostado’s got you covered.

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