10 Things To Do During This Lockdown

10 Things To Do During This Lockdown

So, we’re in a lockdown, now what?

I never thought I’d be writing that sentence, like, ever – but here we are. With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire across the globe, states across the US are issuing their own lockdowns and quarantine procedures, some stricter than others. We’re currently Under Full Lockdown in Puerto Rico , with fines and jail time if you’re caught breaking the Executive Order. Anywho, as the population slowly retreats to their homes, we’re left with the question…

What the hell am I going to do for 2 weeks at home?

Ah, yes. The memes have already been flying around about the mass amount of weight we’re going to gain, or how we didn’t buy enough wine, etc. However, as I continued to cruise social media, I was surprised to see how many people in lockdown were complaining. Whether it was complaining about not being able to party, complaining it wasn’t fair because the virus won’t hurt them, or complaining of boredom – the majority of Instagram stories I watched turned negative, quickly.

So I just wanted to suggest this: Try to limit complaining over the next two weeks. Take a step back and look at how blessed you are during this lockdown, you’re healthy and at home – you’re alive. Not only that, you now have a bunch of time (2 weeks*), that you can use any way you want – well, within the confinements of your home. Please don’t waste it complaining; do something valuable with your time, because many never got the chance.

And as people are losing loved ones, and will continue to say goodbye to many more, let’s show our respect by using our time in lockdown to work towards something positive – even if it’s something small. Whether that’s starting the hobby you never had time for, using your time for self-care, or starting a Facebook group that helps the elderly grocery shop – do something with your time!

10 Things To Do During This Lockdown:

  1. Give attention to you pets – real attention. I’m talking phone away, TV off, on the floor – attention. Teach your dogs new tricks! Not only will you make their day with all the attention you give them, you’ll have the smartest pup on the block when we’re allowed back out!
  2. Call people you’ve been too busy for – trust me, y’all got time now! Catch up with old friends. Call your grandparents. My grandma passed away last summer, I wished I had called her more.
  3. Take this time to better yourself – slow down, breathe, take this time to reflect. When you get back into the world, how awesome would it to be the best version of yourself?
  4. Make a journal. After all this is over, and 20 years from now you look back – reading and remembering your personal experience will be better than the 20 memes circulating on social media right now.
  5. Clean your house, and I mean, really clean it. When was the last time you washed your baseboards? Or the last time you cleaned the top of your ceiling fans? If you’re wondering what baseboards are, or had no idea colonies of dust lived on your fan – spend a day deep cleaning your place.
  6. Start making donation piles. Spend a day going through each room in your home, and start sorting what you’d like to donate after we’re out of this lockdown. A lot of people won’t be able to work during this time – and budgets will be tight. Donating your slightly used goods afterwards, will help a lot of people out.
  7. Learn the basics of a new language! Make some flashcards and write down different vegetables in Spanish, or all the fruits in French.
  8. Meditate and workout! Keep your mind and body sharp during this quarantine. Don’t have any workout equipment? There’s plenty of Instagram or YouTube at-home workout videos to inspire you 🙂
  9. Cook! And good thing this site carries a lot of recipes!
  10. Travel – Online. Where is your dream vacation? Pick one destination and spend the afternoon learning all about it. What’s the favorite local hangout? Make a list of the dishes you want to try there. Make a list of the best restaurants. What’s the specialty cocktail or drink of the destination? I mean, you can even pull up google maps and walk down the main streets! You could spend a whole day getting lost learning about a place you’ve always wanted to visit – and why not? We have time! Plus, once it’s safe to travel, when you eventually take the trip, you’ll be an expert.

These curfews, closures, lockdowns and quarantines are an adjustment for everyone – and it won’t be easy at times. But let’s stay positive, and show gratitude for the time we’ve been given.

*Most lockdown end dates have been posted as March 30th/April 1st, 2020. This article was written on March 17th, 2020. Please continue to keep up to date with the World Health Organization’s latest information on the COVID-10 virus, here. And be sure to check with your own state for restrictions, closures and lockdown info. 

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