We're Engaged!

We’re Engaged!

It’s been a week since Barret popped the question, and I’m still on cloud nine. Now, as many of you know, I’m a planner by nature; an OCD, itinerary to a t, type of planner. So the fact Barret pulled off this entire weekend getaway at one of the most magical resorts on the island – and I had no idea – was another surprise in itself. So, how did it go down? Let me start from the beginning.

Barret had told me to pack a bag for the weekend, and that’s all I knew.

Our journey began with a road trip; starting in Rincon, and taking a route called, ‘Ruta Panorámica’; a beautiful and lush drive that makes for a super scenic cruise. Barret had planned multiple stops along the way to try some cool restaurants that boasted dishes like a Mofongo Burger and the “Best Pizza on the Island”. Unfortunately, due to COVID, every restaurant we had planned on stopping at were closed… actually, all restaurants we stopped at were closed. So, we continued our journey (now being on the road for quite a few hours), and I was beginning to get a little hangry. Bless Barret and his patience when this happens.

But, it was as if God had heard our stomachs growl, and low and behold, a Burger King appeared on the road. Hallelujah! I’m not one to pass up a good fast-food burger, especially something like the Impossible Burger (which, side note, try one if you haven’t already). We ate our weight in burgers, and continued our drive, ending our first day in a city called Ponce.

It was rather late when we arrived, so we quickly checked into our hotel, and then hopped back into the truck to take a quick look around the city. Honestly, we didn’t see too much since we were losing sunlight, but the town square was super cool and the neighborhood views over looking the city were spectacular. But that’s about all we had time to see. 

The following morning we began the next leg of the road trip, and continued heading east. It was a long trek, but it was another scenic route with a pitstop at a beautiful waterfall. We had saved our leftovers from Burger King the day before (we ordered extra burgers and nugs), and no, I’m not about to say we ate those as snacks along the way… but we did however feed some of the countless strays we saw along our drive. There were a lot; which is always incredibly heartbreaking to see here on the island. Why am I mentioning this now in an engagement post? Because it’s a friendly reminder to:

Spay and Neuter your animals! And please consider adopting an animal before buying one from a breeder. There are so many animals that need good homes! There are 500,000 stays in Puerto Rico alone. But guess what? Just because they’re on this island, doesn’t mean they can’t become an addition to your family on the mainland. There are some incredible rescues here on the island that fly the Satos (stray dogs) and Gatos (stray cats) to you. Check out: Sato Project, Puerto Rico Dog Fund and Souls of Satos. Ok, that’s my PSA for the day. But seriously, please be a responsible pet owner.

We end the day’s road trip at our good friends house, Drew and Lindsey’s, on the east side of the island. And coincidentally, we’ll be their neighbors come October 🙂 Yes, we’re moving AGAIN, but that’s a post for the end of the month! Anywho, we spend the evening ordering dinner in, and enjoying some evening cocktails and wine. Lindsey and I start gabbing about the road trip, and how I had no idea where we were headed next. It’s ironic, because after I said that she replied, “I have a feeling you guys are going to get engaged.” I laughed, that was literally the last thing on my mind….. but yet, I thought, wouldn’t that be amazing? 

We packed up the following morning and began yet another day on the road. This time to a “place we’d be staying for a few days,” Barret had told me. And by that point, I was thinking, thank the Lord, because I needed some time away from the truck.

Head to the next page to see where we end up!


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