The first entry for ‘Thoughts’ I believe should be a disclaimer of sorts. A post to let everyone know that I’m not a professional writer or website designer, and that I’m not a tech wiz by any means (however, I can get by). With that being said, please forgive my grammatical errors, and go easy on me if the site goes through a few changes. First honest tidbit about me: I am a perfectionist. While some may say this is nothing to be ashamed of, hell, some may even say it’s a good thing, I’ve found throughout my life it can hurt me rather than help me. Did you know the only art work I’ve ever signed was for my parents’ canvas above their mantle? And it forced upon me because they were very proud and wanted to showcase that I did it. Ugh. Every time I see it, I find improvements and changes I want to make. To me it’s just a big reminder staring at me every time I visit, subtly saying, “You could have done better”. My point to this story? My projects get left undone because of my inability to accept a less than perfect outcome. I was not going to allow that to happen with Cooking for Everyone. I wanted to get it out into the universe to share with others; perfect or not.

So, here we are. A less than perfect site, with a less than perfect person writing on it. Thanks in advance for your patience and support! Looking forward to sharing this experience with y’all.


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