Show Your Halloween Spirit Without a Costume

I love Halloween. What’s not to love about eating mass amounts of candy, admiring costumes throughout the day, and then watching horror movie marathons at night – scaring yourself silly? Nothing. This is what I call, a great day. However, I’ve noticed that as I get older, I no longer lose sleep counting down the days to trick-or-treat. I find I get more excited about a marathon of scary movies, than I do about going out to party on this spooky evening.

So, here’s where the conundrum comes in. I love dressing up, but since my old ass no longer stays out later than 9:30pm, this really cramps my style to attend a Halloween party. No worries though, I can just wear a cool costume to the office, right? Wrong. There’s a strict no-costumes policy at my place of work. I mean, I get it, but… bummer.

Now, I know this policy is strictly enforced, but no one said anything about not incorporating a Halloween theme in my business attire. Am I grasping at straws? Absolutely. But I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and if done right, there’s still a way to show your Halloween spirit, sans costume. So, I started doing some research, and found one of my favorite shops offers Halloween theme apparel – and I’m obsessed. does an incredible job of adding hints of Halloween to their clothes and accessories, in ways I never would have thought of.

Bat tights for the win!

Case in point, these adorable tights, which you know I’m going to casually wear to the office underneath my pencil skirt. They’re subtle enough to say, “I love Halloween”, but not scream, “I love Halloween”. You know what I mean? And lucky enough, Halloween occurs during seasonal weather change, meaning, wearing tights in Arizona is finally acceptable since it’s not 120° out. It’s cute bat tights like these that make ‘celebrating’ or partaking in Halloween festivities possible during the day. Below, are a few more theme related accessories and outfits that make me wish Halloween was a 5-day event, so I could wear them all.

Candy Corn skirt – um, hello, adorable! $55.00
A-Line dress with black cats. Meow! $69.00
Keeping with the Cat theme, this adorable blouse with black cats! Sassy. $45.00
Or this spooktacular ghost skirt – $55.00

Maybe you just want some subtle accessories like these:

Channel you’re inner black widow with this purse – $49.99
Or show your love of Halloween AND knives with these cute earrings – $19.00
Halloween hair pin to place in your work bun – $12.00

Whatever your cup of tea, or perhaps potion of choice, these are fun items to incorporate in a costume-banned workplace. See, we’re still following the rules, but everyone knows there’s exceptions to every rule – and dammit, you know I’d find them for Halloween.

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