Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada – also known as Viva Las Vegas or Sin City, is a great city and known for more than just sin. With shopping, dinning, clubs, shows and of course, gambling, Las Vegas is a central hub for having fun. The great thing about this city is the never ending supply of things to do.

Now, before you take off to Vegas, it’s important to identify the reasons you’re going. I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous. But it matters. Setting your expectations for the city will make or break your trip. For example, if you’re newly single and want to mingle, you’ll most likely want to stay on the strip. If you’re going for business, and can’t have distractions, you might want to consider staying at the end of the strip, or completely off it. My favorite hotels to stay at on the strip are: Aria, Bellagio and the Venetian. For a hotel still technically on the strip, yet far enough away from the madness, I recommend The Four Seasons.

Good food is found around every corner in Las Vegas. Whether that’s at The Pub at Aria, Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York, or just dropping in for a marg at Cañonita in the Venetian, the options are endless. Now, if you’re looking to enjoy a lovely meal in the evening, I cannot stress this enough: book reservations in advance. There’s no such thing as showing up on a Saturday night, at a trendy restaurant, looking to get in. Not going to happen, unless you’re willing to pay someone off, or your father owns the place. If those aren’t options, I highly recommend booking a reservation at one of my all time favorite restaurants, Estiatorio Milos. This is an experience, not just a dinner. The service is top notch, and you’ll dream about the food for years to come. Plus, it’s found in the Cosmopolitan, which coincidently hosts one of my favorite pre and post dinner places to have a cocktail at, the Chandelier Bar.

After dinner, head out to enjoy the city. Whether that’s taking in a show, putting your money on red, or dancing the night away at the club. Vegas nightlife is a trip; there’s so many things to do, which means the competition is strong amongst the industry. This definitely works in your favor for Vegas shows; they have to be good to survive. And my God, they’re all good. I have yet to see a show in Vegas I don’t like. I recommend anything by Cirque de Soleil, seriously. You will not be disappointed.

If you’re looking to gamble, take a stroll down the strip and pop into the many hotels that host casinos. Depending on what you’re looking to spend, if money is no option, head on over to Encore, Bellagio or Caesars. If you’re looking to take your money a little further, head to New York New York or Excalibur. Depending on what you play, you’ll find your game at almost every hotel. It just comes down to how much you’re willing to spend.

Now for clubs. I use to love going out to the club in Vegas, but as my old age begins to show, I’ve slowly started enjoying them less and less. For me, getting all dolled up just to go to a dark, sweaty club, only to have my Jimmy Choo’s stepped on by some drunk dude I don’t know, just isn’t my cup of tea. However, I do not judge those that love clubs, and I still go once in a blue moon – it’s good to let loose sometimes. If I go to a club, here’s a few I’ll head to: Marquee, TAO, Omnia and XS Nightclub.

Bonus tidbit: Spend an afternoon at Old Town Vegas, also known as Fremont Street. The drinks are cheap, and it’s an incredible place to learn how to play some casino games. With low limit buy-ins, you can spend the entire afternoon learning blackjack for $30. Plus, there’s a zip-line right above the Fremont Street, which is pretty cool.


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