My Favorite Places to Dress Shop

From weddings, to cocktail hour, to Sunday brunch, these are the top 4 places I purchase my dresses from.

1. Price range: $15-$250 ($250 is for a wedding dress). Non-wedding attire is reasonably priced. I’ve made many purchases from this site, and I have yet to be disappointed. I’ve always been hesitant to shop online, because a) I like trying on clothes for size b) feel the material, and c) touch and assess the quality. Lulus has come through every. single. time. From sale items, to full price, the quality is great for the price, and the sizing is reliable and accurate. Also, I love their easy navigation tools for dress shopping; they offer categories based on trends and occasions. Take a peek here.

Cruising around Italy in my Lulus dress. 
Baby shower in Lulus with one of my favorite humans, Jade.

2. Planet Blue. Price Range: $65-$600. This is one of my favorite stores of all time. I’m in love with pretty much everything in their store (don’t get me started on the line of jeans they carry!), but their dresses are to die for. A) They fit like a glove B) I’ve yet to run into someone wearing the same dress I’ve purchased here C) The quality is top notch, and D) The styles are always on trend. Take a peek here.

Being extra in Florence

3. ANGL. Price Range: $15-$200. When I first saw this store a few years back, I thought maybe the ‘e’ was burnt out on the sign, and it was suppose to read ‘Angle’. Thinking they were too lazy to change a lightbulb, I moved on and thought I’d rather spend money at a place that wanted to keep up their appearance. Well, once I realized that’s actually the name of the store (duh), I went for a little looky look. And let me tell ya, I’m sold. They have the best flowy sundresses known to man. Arizona is hot. And the only thing I’ve been comfortable in is their sundresses. I’ve gotten all my sundresses from here, on sale, between $20-$35. I’ve also found adorable jumpsuits here as well! Take a peek here.

Mom and I! Super high quality – I know. I’m blurry, but my gorgeous ANGL jumpsuit isn’t.

4. BCBG. Price Range: $150-$700. I love this store for dressing for events. I’ve worn BCBG for red carpets, weddings and galas. They have great pieces that are trendy and edgy, but also timeless classics. If you need a dress for an event, and are willing to spend a little more, head here. They customer service is amazing, and you’re bound to find something you love. Take a peek here.

Feeling myself in this BCBG dress. Vain selfie in the mirror.

It’s not always about the dress, it’s about how you wear it. And you don’t need to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks; just be your sassy, confident self, and the dress will only be a mere accessory to your badass self.  

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