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My Favorite Outfits from Coachella

Ah, yes. Coachella. The once seemingly quiet desert festival, that has now morphed into the largest backdrop for millennial selfies, is upon us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun time! But I also haven’t been in ages, and from what I’ve seen, it’s become just that, a scene. Regardless, […]

Hot Tips for Building Out Your Business Wardrobe

I work a lot. Hell, I spend more time at the office than I do at home. With that being said, if I couldn’t incorporate some of my personality into my work attire, I would most likely die a slow and painfully colorless death. Dramatic? Perhaps. But, I think a […]

Pumps You Can Wear All Day

Slipping into a beautiful new pair of heels is such an amazing feeling; until the aches, pain and blisters arrive. Then you seriously start considering walking around the city barefoot, and wondering when your last tetanus shot was. Hell, you even start rationalizing your thinking; you’re a trailblazer! Going barefoot […]