My Simple Make-up Routine

Fun fact about myself, I was never “allowed” to wear make-up growing up. I was only allowed to start wearing concealing at the age of 15, and mascara by the age of 16. I know, I know, even typing that out it seems unreasonable; but I grew up riding sheep, skateboarding and I really had no desire to wear make-up anyways. So the whole “not allowed” didn’t really bother me. With that being said, my daily make-up routine seems to reflect those care-free days of not spending a ton of time on my make-up. So buckle up betches, we’re taking the quick train to make-up perfection.

After trying multiple brands of concealers, I finally found one that had unmatchable coverage. I get really dark circles under my eyes, and I found this concealer not only covers them, but lasts all day. It’s tarte’s Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer. The price tag: $27.00

Eyebrows. Let’s be honest, having incredible eyebrows have recently (or, so I tell myself) become a trend. They were never the main focus when doing your make-up, and then overnight – BAM – your brows needed to be on fleek. My eyebrows were never horrible, per-say, but they needed a little guidance and encouragement. I tried a few pencils and powders, but always found myself going back to one brand. And now I’m fully obsessed and apart of her cult following, Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Brow Wiz is hands down the best thing to happen to your eyebrows. The price tag: $21.00

Now that you’ve hidden away your bags, and your brows are on fleek, it’s time to put the finishing touches on those beautiful eyes of yours! My relationship with mascara has always been a love hate. Between smudging here, and clumping there, I had almost given up hope. Then the good Lord shone his light on the Lancôme booth in Nordstrom, and the rest is history. I use Hypnôse Drama, which makes your lashes look longer, thicker, and as the name states, more dramatic. Precisely the only place I like drama in my life – my lashes. The price tag: $27.50

Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been a little paler. Maybe it’s because it’s too hot to actually sit outside in the summer and tan in Arizona; or maybe, perhaps, it’s because I’m in the office between the peak hours of suntanning bliss. Regardless, I’m looking more and more like Casper’s cousin. I’ve never been a fan of blush, for whatever weird reason, so it’s taken me years to find one I actually like. I’m not into the whole it “looks like I’ve been outside in -35° weather rosey cheeks”, I’ve already lived that life in Canada, so I’m looking for a cute dainty pink to give me some color. I found Lancôme’s Blush Subtil in Cedar Rose is my jam. Price tag: $32.00

And that’s it folks! The ride or dies of my makeup routine. It’s taken me a long time to find brands that fit my needs, but these allow me to apply quickly and give me full coverage.

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