Pumps You Can Wear All Day

Slipping into a beautiful new pair of heels is such an amazing feeling; until the aches, pain and blisters arrive. Then you seriously start considering walking around the city barefoot, and wondering when your last tetanus shot was. Hell, you even start rationalizing your thinking; you’re a trailblazer! Going barefoot is so in right now. We’ve all been here. The turn of events can happen incredibly fast with new shoes. One minute you’re prancing around the city, adorably swinging around light poles, the next, you’re willing to sacrifice your first-born to get out of these made-by-satan contraptions. So, whether you’re out for a night on the town, or at the office, or both, here’s a list of the heels you can effortlessly wear. Not only for style, but for comfort as well.

Top 3 pumps I swear by:

1) Sam Edelman, Hazel Pointed Toe Heel: $120.00. I finally found a shoe that I can wear all day at the office, and into the evening for dinner and drinks. This style also comes in a ton of options (mesh, nude, white, patent leather, and more), so getting comfortable shoes doesn’t need to be limited to one or two colors. I love these so much, that I’ve bookmarked its page, and hit order when I know it’s time to replace them. *Side note: they last a long time, and the leather is durable AF. Found here.


2) Manolo Blahnik, BB Pump: $625.00. Although coming in at a much higher price tag, Manolo’s soft leather and incredible comfort are a classic pump to splurge on for your closet. Manolo’s nude is somewhat heavenly, and can be dressed up or down. Found here.

3) Stewart Weitzman, Belle Pointe Bow Pump: $445.00. With its patent leather, and structured bow, this design brings a little femininity to a classic pump style. The low heel is perfect if you know you’re going to be on-the-go all day. Found here.


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