Nick’s Fish Dive & Oyster Bar in The Woodlands


Growing up in a small rural town in Canada, my seafood choices were fairly limited. However, my parents always encouraged trying different dishes, and expanding our horizons (so to speak) when it came to food. First let me start by saying, thanks Dad and Mom! I’m not a picky eater, and the amount of different cuisines I enjoy to this day, I credit to my parents. However, the first time I tried lobster was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and if you’re not familiar with geography… it’s prairie land, located dead smack in the middle of Canada. There’s no ocean anywhere near it. So, when I did try different types of seafood, they weren’t incredibly fresh. With that being said, I never thought I’d see the day where I’d actively go out and search for a good seafood spot; yet here we are. One of my favorite spots while visiting my parents in Texas, Nick’s Fish Dive & Oyster Bar is not only a great place to get fresh seafood, its menu boasts dishes that cater to a wide array of palettes.

Location: 20 Waterway Ave #105, The Woodlands, TX

Price: $$

Atmosphere: I find most restaurants that incorporate a nautical theme, tend to over do it, and it comes across cheesy – or God forbid – tacky. But not at Nick’s; the subtle hints of nautical are tastefully done, and look perfect against the warm bricks and wood plank interior. From the lighting, cozy booths, and a great patio, you truly get an all encompassing welcoming vibe.

Service: Superb. From the welcoming hostesses at the front, to the server at your table, each staff member at Nick’s are attentive and come across very genuine. They’re incredibly informed about the menu, and don’t skip a beat when answering any questions you have. Within moments of sitting down, you’ll be taken care of, whether that’s bringing you a cappuccino or just waters for the table. From start to finish, Nick’s service is top notch.

Food: Just as incredible as the service provided – superb! Everything I’ve ever ordered from the menu has been delicious. Some of my family’s favorite dishes include their fresh oysters; choosing from Gulf or East Coast (half or half dozen). Also, hot tip: Fresh Gulf Oyster are 50¢ each on Mondays from 3-6pm.

A mix of Gulf and East Coast Oysters.

Queue the growing up in Canada story – this dish is what Canadian dreams are made of: Lobster Poutine. A Canadian staple dish + FRESH Lobster, this was everything I dreamed of since I was a little girl. Out of everything to order on this menu, order this.

This glorious dish arrives with the gravy on the side – allowing you to pour as little or as much as you’d like. Or, as I do, smother the fries and order another gravy.

Now, to be completely honest, I’m still working on my love affair with Oysters Rockefeller. Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with Nick’s Rockefeller (TBH it’s the best I’ve had), but I previously had a bad experience back in LA with a similar dish. Granted, this was nearly 6 years ago, but trauma is trauma people! Which is why I can’t stress the FRESH part enough when eating seafood. Nightmares aside, Nick’s Rockefeller is helping me fall back in love with the dish.

Nick’s Rockefeller – baby spinach, goat cheese, bacon, gruyere, toasted panic, parsley.

Overall: GO to Nick’s Fish Dive & Oyster Bar. I wish I knew about this place sooner, aka when I lived in Texas. I know I’d be a regular, well as regular as I could, while visiting my parents. SO, whether you head to Nick’s for their Oyster happy hour, or a romantic dinner in the evening, this place won’t let you down. View Nick’s full menu here.

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