Aloha Mixed Plate in Maui


I’ve learned over time not to sweat the small things in life, because honestly, the stress isn’t good for you and botox is way too expensive to fix the wrinkles it creates. However, there are certain things that really grind my gears… And one of them is the fact that everyone pushes and petitions to get restaurants to serve breakfast all day – but no one pushes for them to serve dinner all day. What about all of us who enjoy a delicious pizza or a nice burger at 8:00am? Why is no one speaking out for us? All-day-dinner lovers are just getting tossed to the side like yesterday’s uneaten flapjacks. Well, not anymore! I found the perfect dish to satisfy any dinner craving that strikes you at the crack of dawn. Granted, you may have to move to Hawaii (twist my arm) in order to enjoy this dish in the morning.

A little background: We planned a last minute trip to Maui, and I asked for recommendations on Instagram for a few restaurants to check out while on the island. And let me just say, y’all did not disappoint. One of the many restaurants recommended was Aloha Mixed Plate; little did I know this place was about to change my life.

Location: 1285 Front St. Lahaina, Hawaii

Price: $$

Atmosphere at Aloha Mixed Plate in Maui

I’ll set the scene for you. Close your eyes and imagine – wait, don’t close your eyes yet – finish reading this first bit, then close them. As you pull up to Aloha Mixed Plates, you’re immediately hit with an aroma of delicious food. You step out of your car to the welcoming warmth of the sunshine on your skin and the smell of the ocean. As you walk into the restaurant, you’re not only greeted by friendly staff, but by the sounds of the ocean; and as you’re led to your table, you swear you can almost taste the salt in the air. You scan the entire place; it’s smaller, but you then realize every seat (except the bar) has an incredible ocean view. OK- now go ahead and imagine this scene! Did you just envision paradise? Cause that’s what the atmosphere at Aloha Mixed Plate offers.

Menus on table, in front of beautiful ocean view

t honestly feels like you can reach out and touch the water

Service at Aloha Mixed Plate in Maui:

We were front row to the greatest show on the planet – mother nature. Who happened to bless us with an incredible spectacle that included breaching Humpback whales. So to be completely honest, even if the service was absolute rubbish – the view made up for it. However, it wasn’t rubbish at all. Our server was incredibly upbeat, personable and well versed on the menu. She promptly brought our drink orders – a Mai Tai and a Pina Colada. And after deciding what we’d like to get, we placed our orders… She turned and looked at me, and gave a chuckle saying, “This is a large plate for one person,” I replied with my devilish smirk, “Oh, I know.”

Drinks on table, in front of beautiful ocean view

Our cocktails, accompanied by the view

Food at Aloha Mixed Plate in Maui

IT WAS EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE. The plate is called Loco Moco, and is essentially dinner mixed with breakfast. The dish consists of: Two local style all beef patties, sweet onions, topped with 2 sunny side up eggs and brown gravy, with white rice and mac salad. So, heaven basically. The other dish we ordered was the Taro Hash and Eggs, which included: Kalua ham and Hoaloha Farms taro hash, 2 eggs (any style) with breakfast potatoes and a choice of fruit or green salad.

Beef patties on rice, topped with gravy and fried eggs
The Loco Moco
Fried eggs, ham, and potatoes
The Taro Hash & Eggs

Overall Experience at Aloha Mixed Plate in Maui

Between the breathtaking views, attentive service and RIDICULOUSLY good food – make sure to stop at Aloha Mixed Plate’s and get yourself a Loco Moco. Check out the restaurant’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (all include gorgeous photos of the view and food!).

Carmen with a huge smile on her face, sitting at the table in front of the ocean
Look at how happy and full I am! Completely content in my glutinous morning feast. I’m ready to go back right about now!

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