Chocobar Cortés

Chocobar Cortés


I’m not a sweets person. I’ve always been this way too, it’s nothing new. Ever since I was young, I’ve just never liked desserts. So you’re probably wondering, how the heck did I end up at some restaurant to which their menu is based around chocolate? Well, some just might call it fate.

We’d just finished our walking tour of Castillo San Felipe del Morro, and started our trek back into the city (Old San Juan District). We’d put in quite a few steps throughout the day and the tour, and we didn’t realize how hungry we were until we smelt the delish aroma of the surrounding restaurants. We were starving! And on top of starvation, it was beginning to rain. Now, what I failed to mention earlier was that B (my boyfriend for those of you who haven’t read previous posts) and his family love sweets, especially chocolate. So when we turned the corner and saw a sign for Chocobar Cortés, everyone was in agreement to head on it.

I was not.

I was a hangry lady that wanted a loaf a bread, not chocolate, to satisfy my hunger. But, I’m not that much of an entitled boob to contest a 4:1 vote, so I bit my bratty tongue, and followed everyone inside.

Location: 210 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Menu: Chocolate Inspired 

Price: $$

The Atmosphere at Chocobar Cortés

We left the dreary rain outside, and walked into Chocobar Cortés. I was shocked. I had envisioned the inside decor to be so much different than it was… It was really hip and trendy inside! From bright colors and graphics on the walls, to a full stocked modern bar, this place was pretty awesome.

We were greeted with a smile, and asked how many were in our party. After being asked to wait a minute so they could clear a table, I took in all this place had to offer, especially the smells. The sweetness of chocolate, mixed with freshly baked goods, and wait, what? Do I smell… onions? Is that… bacon?? Wait a second, I thought this place only served chocolate? Before I could process the smells and my thoughts, we were taken to be seated.

We were sat at a table that was right across from the bar, which had a piece of art hung on the right side of it that made me do a double take.

Chocobar Cortés

See what I mean!? Very American Psycho meets Chocolate Loving Hipster. I really dig it though.

I then turned my attention to the wall behind us, which showcased an old car and building on it. Colored me intrigued. I was about to ask are waiter when he returned, but no need, since the image was described in the menu.

“Chocolate Cortés is a 4th generation, family-owned, Caribbean, bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing company. Originally established in the Dominican Republic in 1929 by Don Pedro Cortés Forteza, his pioneer spirit promptly moved him to export, and subsequently begin production of Cortés products from his native Puerto Rico; thus paving the way to fulfill his vision of developing Caribbean grown cacao to its fullest potential. Known for its rich and delicious hot chocolate, Chocolate Cortés quickly became a favorite of Puerto Rican and Dominican households to this very day.”

I thought that was pretty damn cool how they incorporated this image into a full wall art piece.

Chocobar Cortés


The Service at Chocobar Cortés

We didn’t order a ton of large dishes, or really even that many dishes in general, so I’d like to think we were a fairly easy table to deal with. With that being said, the service was excellent. Our waiter was incredibly friendly, and was quick to arrive with our drinks within minutes of us ordering them. He was attentive to our group, and gave us recommendations for both the most popular dishes and also his favorites.

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