Chocobar Cortés

Chocobar Cortés


The Food at Chocobar Cortés

Ok, now to the good stuff! Yes, you read that right, I just referenced dishes that include chocolate as ‘good stuff’. Let’s start with the beverages, both non-alcoholic and of course, alcoholic. For the non-alcoholic drinks, we ordered two Chocolate Caliente (hot chocolate). They offer a selection of 5 different variations of the hot drink: Puertorriqueño (traditional), Europeo , Pure (no sugar), Embajador (no milk) and Lite (low sugar). After much debate and consideration (trust me, it took a while to decide) we went for the Europeo and Pure. How were they? Fantastic. However, they’re super rich, like really REALLY rich. I could only drink about half of one, but for all the chocolate lovers out there, I’m certain this is what your dreams are made of.

Although I couldn’t drink an entire mug of chocolate caliente, I had no problem sucking down the absolutely stupendous, best-I’ve-ever-had, chocolate martini – found on the menu as the Choco Martini. Which consists of: Baileys, Milk Chocolate, Absolut Vodka and topped with bits of shaved white chocolate. But the milk chocolate they use, game changer. If you’re not careful, you’d could easily have several of these without noticing. The other cocktail we ordered was the Don Ignacio, which contains: Barrilito 3 star rum, cognac, spiced syrup, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters and a dark chocolate rim. Again, another drink that’s easy to enjoy a few without noticing. Plus, there’s just something about the relationship of rum and chocolate that just seems so right.

Chocobar Cortés

Now onto the snacks! We went with the recommendation of ordering the fresh made churros with a dark chocolate dipping sauce. Were they delicious? Absolutely. I think the combination of dark chocolate and churro was perfect. The bitterness of the dark chocolate balanced out the sweetness of the churro perfectly. After devouring our churros, the next dish arrived. Drumroll please…

Chocolate Grilled Cheese.

Wow oh wow, I officially just became the biggest advocate for the Chocobar Cortés. For anyone that knows me, I live for the cheese, I die for the cheese. Plus, if you remember, my crabby self wanted a loaf of bread to begin with… so here we have it, cheese, bread and chocolate. How did it taste? Like Jesus heard my struggle, and sent an angel to deliver sharp cheddar, chocolate butter and brioche bread on a plate for me.

Chocobar Cortés
Photo from Chocobar Cortés Facebook

Normally I don’t pull photos from the restaurant’s website/social media, since at times it doesn’t truly depict how it actually arrives in real life. But, I ate half of the sandwich before I took out my camera… so sadly, the photo evidence is quite pathetic of a half eaten sandwich with crumbs and chocolate everywhere. However, when I return to Chocobar Cortés, I will take another photo.


I had written off Chocobar Cortés because I’m not a huge fan of sweets. However, I’m so glad I was out voted, because I got to experience magic. How can a restaurant make magic? Well, maybe it’s best you visit Chocobar Cortés to find out.

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