We're Moving - Again!

We’re Moving – Again!

Yep, you read that right: We’re Moving – Again! Now, before a mass amount of questions start piling up, let me give you a bit of a backstory:

When we came to Puerto Rico back in August 2019, we knew it would potentially become our new home. So, before heading to the island, we created a list of neighborhoods to scope out while visiting – in hopes we’d find a few communities we loved. Well, we had good intentions. But there was absolutely NO way we’d be able to figure out where we wanted to live in just 12 days, heck, we didn’t even see the entire island! Granted, we saw a lot, but not nearly enough. We packed up and headed home, all the while contemplating: Do we, 1) Fly back to PR once more before the end of the year, or 2) Find an agent who could help us find a short term rental. Logically, we knew the latter was the way to go.

We began reaching out to a few people, which was interesting all in itself. Clearly, I suck at Spanish (still learning), but that meant I couldn’t properly translate our needs/wants via phone calls, but only by email or text. And Lord, let me tell you, that was frustrating. Everyone wanted to jump on calls, and now since living in PR for 3 months, I understand why. With power outrageous, limited wifi and cell reception obsolete in areas… Phone calls are simpler and more efficient. *Now granted, majority of agents/friends speak both Spanish and English, but for those that only spoke Spanish… I felt like such a dud not being able to hold a conversation.

Anywho, we ended up getting connected with a great agent, who sent us to Clasificados (which by the way, if you’re looking to move here, is a great site to visit), where we found our 3 month short-term rental. We wanted to do a short term rental for a couple reasons: 1) We didn’t know the areas well enough, and if we ended up in a not-so-great area, we’d only have to stick it out for 3 months, 2) All homes look beautiful online when they’re trying to sell or rent, meaning, if we showed up and the house wasn’t what it looked like in photos – again, we’d only have to stick it out for 3 months, and lastly, 3) We figured 3 months would give us enough time to cruise the island, and find out where we wanted to live.

The short term rental turned out to be wonderful. A beautiful home on the South East part of the island, located in horse country – with El Yunque National Forest as its backyard.

We're Moving - Again!

Everyday we’d watch the horses run by, listen to the coquis calling, and walk our favorite beach in the mornings… The house was incredible, but we also knew 3 months would fly by… and it did! I feel like we just unpacked, and now we’re back packing up again. Regardless, we’re ready to head to our next spot on the island…

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