We're Moving - Again!

We’re Moving – Again!

We’re moving to Rincón! For those not familiar with Rincón, it’s a town located on Puerto Rico’s west coast, and is known for its surfing. Now do you see why I’m trying to crush my fears about the ocean? This girl’s gonna learn to surf! Well, I’ve done it before a long, long, LONG time ago, but I’m ready to try again! Although the surf is incredible out there, Rincón also offers: great restaurants, an awesome Gastro Park, stunning beaches, cute shopping and boutiques, and incredibly friendly people.

We're Moving - Again!

We're Moving - Again!

How I’m Feeling At The Moment:

  1. Stressed – because moving is always stressful
  2. Excited – Ready to settle into something a little more permanent
  3. Happy – Smiling for our new adventure and to fall more in love with Rincón
  4. Sad – We’re going to miss our ‘first house’ in Puerto Rico

What can I say, I’m an absolute mess of emotions right now. However, mess or not, we’re so excited to start another adventure on the west coast of Puerto Rico. I’ll keep you posted on what’s next – after we finish unpacking, of course.



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