What I’ve Learned Since Moving to Puerto Rico

What I’ve Learned Since Moving to Puerto Rico

Time sure flies when you’re experiencing earthquakes, power outages, water shortages, political corruption, Sahara dust storms and a global pandemic. It’s already been 7 months since we’ve moved to Puerto Rico, and let me just say: it’s been a hell of a ride! Although the last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions, Puerto Rico has still managed to capture my heart.

Granted, we moved to Rincon just a week before lockdown and curfews, so we haven’t had much time to explore this side of the island. But from what we have seen from the safety of our truck (we take daily car rides to get out), is that the west side is beautiful; stunning sunsets, lush landscapes, with big blue waves constantly crashing upon shore (until surf season ends, of course). Puerto Rico has a beauty about it that one just has to come experience for themselves.

Here’s what I’ve learned since moving to Puerto Rico: 

5. I’m grateful for my health

Every morning after getting out of bed, I’d turn on the news, and begin the morning routine: make coffee, feed and medicate the dogs, all the while listening to snippets of what was happening around the globe. Starting the day with disheartening news took a toll on my overall emotional state (for another post), but it was also a reminder how truly grateful and blessed we are to be healthy and safe within our home. I’ll never take that for granted again.

4. I appreciate Barret more than ever

I’ve kept my personal life with B private, and I do that for a reason. Before meeting B, my relationships were always in the public eye; always out there to be critiqued and talked about. But honestly, this is the healthiest, happiest and most meaningful relationship I’ve ever been in – and I plan on guarding it with my life. Yes, I understand my life in general has been an open book, and I try to be completely honest and transparent about it, but some chapters I only show glimpses of – one being my relationship.

So although you don’t see B plastered everywhere on social media, he’s always there, cheering me on and being my biggest supporter. Truly, I’d be lost without him. And being quarantined in a house together for months on end, really just made our relationship stronger. I’m so thankful AND blessed that my significant other is one of the greatest humans on the planet.


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