Just Because Kayne Designed it, Doesn’t Make it Fashionable

There. I said it. Now before I get crucified by the masses, let me start by clarifying this statement. Kayne has some really great pieces, and I do appreciate him as an artist. However, recently I saw some Yeezys that have devastated my soul. For the love of God, am I missing something? Did top designers hold a secret meeting and challenge one another to see who can design the ugliest shoe – and then force them upon society as a trend? Are we just some lab rats in the game of fashion, proving it doesn’t matter what it truly looks like, as long as it’s “designer”? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. And it’s not just Yeezy; it’s Balenciaga, it’s Gucci, it’s Louis Vuitton and the list goes on. Again, I love these brands, and love the majority of their shoe designs … But, I just can’t get on this ugly sneaker trend. It’s out of control.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, continue on. However, proceed with caution (NSFW).

Classic mix of tires and hiking boot. If it wasn’t for the platform, I’d say these’d probably get some pretty good traction. Traction to run away from this travesty.

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if you know you know ????

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All my nopes.

When would you ever wear these? Or, the better question may be, what would you wear them with?

Let me book my trip to never ever land with these.

The last gang I’d join #GucciGang

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