The St. Regis in Rome


I love The St. Regis Hotel. The reason I love this hotel so much? You can always expect incredible service, friendly staff, impeccable food, and a swanky yet comfortable decor (which is a hard combo to create). There’s a sense of comfort when traveling abroad, knowing the place you’ll be staying is a familiar one, even if you’ve never stayed there before. The St. Regis Rome was the slice of comforting familiarity for me.

Traveling overseas for the first time was definitely overwhelming. From missed flights, 12+ hours of travel, and jet lag, all I wanted to do was head to bed when I landed in Rome. However, for anyone who’s traveled to a new country, the excitement of a new adventure can feel like 3 shots of espresso. With that, I hailed a cab, and headed towards The St. Regis. The drive was beautiful, and I’ll never forget the views, even though they were observed from a small cabbie window, they were still breathtaking.

Arriving at the doors at The St. Regis Rome provided me two feelings: Relief and Happiness. Relief thinking, ‘Thank God I’m no longer in an uber/airplane/tram/train/cab’. Happiness thinking, ‘Thank God I’m finally going to get a glass of wine’. The front entrance is grand and slightly intimidating, however, it’s not cold and feels welcoming. But perhaps, that’s the people that give it that feeling. Walking into the hotel, you’re greeted by friendly hellos, and warm smiles directing you to the front desk. If you can get there.

The moment you walk in, you can’t help but go anywhere but the front desk. The beautiful hotel pulls you in a million directions. The lobby (featured photo), is stunning. I end up sitting here for a while, unwinding, relaxing, and taking in all the hotel has to offer. Eventually, I got my tired self off the couch, and check-in. Check-in’s a breeze and I’m taken to my room. Clearly, I’m too excited to start exploring the city, that I quickly drop off my carry-on and head out.

Needless to say, I spent quite a few hours galavanting around the city, that by the time I got back, I was ready to collapse in bed. And oh boy, did this bed not disappoint. There’s something about hotel bedding that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The St. Regis is no exception. Cloud dreams here I come! After a great sleep, I finally got to admire the room. It wasn’t like the hotel rooms you’d find in America, they had an Italian flare/vibe to them. Unfortunately, I was too busy exploring the city and then hitting the hay as soon as I got back, I forgot to take a photo. But take my word for it, the rooms are cozy.

Lastly, the food. Every morning I met my family for breakfast. They’re a very punctual crew, and believe anything later than 15min early for a dinner, is late. Did I lose you? Be 15min early, or else you’re considered late. Breakfast was at 7:00am every single morning, regardless of how late I was out the night before. And, full disclosure, sometimes I just went straight to breakfast from my evening out. Hey, when in Rome! (See what I did there) Although some mornings were rough, because of my lack of sleep, I knew I would always be welcomed with the most incredible omelet. I wish I remembered the name of the man who cooked these heavenly omelets, he was my savior on many occasions. I became fast friends with him, and every morning he created an omelet for me. His take, his recommendation, and they were brilliant.

From friendly staff, restful sleep, delicious food and cozy comforts, The St. Regis will certainly become your home away from home.

If I could move in, I would.


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