When Should Your Significant Other Meet the Family?

I’m always curious to hear people’s opinions on this one. When’s the appropriate time to introduce the family to the person you’re dating? Should you wait until you know marriage is on the horizon? Or, early on when you haven’t decided a single thing about the future of your relationship?

I can see this going both ways. If you meet the family in a casual atmosphere, early on in the relationship, a lot of stress can be eliminated. It’s not like you’ve been dating for years, and if they don’t like you, at least you found out early on. Which raises a few other questions to consider: 1) If they don’t like you, why does their son or daughter? 2) If you didn’t get along with the family now, is it possible to get along with them in the future? For some, family is a big deal, or deal breaker for that matter 3) Is having their family liking you as important as you liking the family? Or maybe, family isn’t a big of deal to you, and it’s easier for you to walk away than to trying to please everyone.

On the other end of the spectrum, when you meet your significant other’s family after years of dating, there’s a mix of stress, pressure and comfort. Comfort in knowing your SO has your back; you’ve been together forever, and you’re both comfortable in your relationship and the path it’s taking. Plus, the foundation of your relationship is like a rock, and very little can shake it. However, in the back of your mind, if anything were to shake it, it’d be the disapproval from you SO’s family. And that’s where the stress comes in. You’ve been with your SO for a long time, and you don’t want to lose the person you love, or what you’ve built together. Take a deep breath, and realize, if your SO loves you, his or her family will most likely love you too. However, if they don’t, you’re either stuck trying to get them to like you, or having to walk away from the relationship.

Just here to spark a conversation. Clearly, family, and getting their blessing is a big deal for me. But for others, it’s not. Does the concept of taking someone home to meet the family change, if they really have no say in your relationships? After spending years with someone, would you rather try to get their family to like you, or walk away from the relationship? I’m curious to know!

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