Herb & Wood in San Diego

Herb & Wood in San Diego


After reading countless reviews, it was time to make a stop at Herb & Wood in San Diego. And good Lord, are we ever glad we did. Located in the noteworthy gastronomic neighborhood of San Diego’s Little Italy, this is a must stop at Chef Brain Malarkey’s flagship venue. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I could eat their French Onion Omelette everyday for the rest of my life.

Location: 2210 Kettner Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101

Menu: American

Price: $$

The Atmosphere at Herb & Wood

The moment you walk into this place, you know it’s a hip spot. That’s probably why Herb & Wood was named one of the 25 most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in the Country. With their acute attention to detail, trendy fixtures and pops of color strategically scattered about, literally ever corner is picture perfect. In the center of the restaurant is a beautiful bar, that’s surrounded with gorgeous white granite, and accompanied with modern (yet comfortable!) barstools. Not only do the subtle touches of gold and greenery add warmth to the space, the bartenders’ warm welcoming smiles make you feel right at home.

Herb & Wood in San Diego

I figured it’d be packed the day we showed up for brunch, but to my surprise, the restaurant only had a few patrons (I guess our reservations weren’t needed). With that being said, the service was awesome! However, we didn’t get to feel the atmosphere or vibe I know this place can put out when packed. But honestly, it was still really enjoyable. And it allowed for me to creep around the restaurant looking at all the neat furniture without weirding out other guests. Win/Win.

Service at Herb & Wood

As mentioned before, the service was incredible. I mean, INCREDIBLE. We were seated immediately after arriving, and were sat in a plush, blue booth that faced the bar. Everyone that stopped by our table greeted us with a huge smile, and genuinely seemed happy to be there. Our waitress was attentive, and after asking us our personal preference on liquors, she recommended which cocktails she thought we’d enjoy (we did!). She walked over to the bar, and let the bartender know what we’d like. He smiled happily – and then the magic began. Watching him make the drinks was almost as incredible as the drinks themselves. You could feel the passion and expertise of his trade shine through. It was awesome to watch.

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