Herb & Wood in San Diego

Herb & Wood in San Diego



The Food at Herb & Wood

The moment that menu hits the table, try not to drool. Everything on the menu sounds spectacular. So, what drinks did we order? We settled on the Mezcal & Flowers, and the Gin & Lavender. I apologize, the Gin cocktail had already been enjoyed by my boyfriend before I was able to snap a photo. But he assured me, it was delicious.

Mezcal & Flowers

I forgot to mention how starving we were by the time we arrived to Herb & Wood. We had a light meal the evening before, and I made my boyfriend promise he wouldn’t sneak any croissants from the hotel that morning before we left for our reservations. So, saying we were starving is the polite way of putting it – we were more on the verge of hangry at this point. And everyone knows when you’re hangry, you could eat everything, but you can’t decide on anything. But one cocktail down, and our stomachs growling, we pulled the trigger on 3 different meals that we were going to share. Did we need to order 3? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely. We decided on the Burrata and Crispy Prosciutto Toast, the French Onion Omelette and the Breakfast Pizza. WE WERE HUNGRY PEOPLE.

Herb & Wood in San Diego

The Burrata and Crispy Prosciutto Toast, was topped with local honey, and cracked pepper. This salty, sweet and savory dish tasted like the good Lord sent this dish down himself. It was the most satisfying dish to our hangry tastebuds. We almost ordered another one. And although I know no one would judge us – I would judge us. And as fate would have it, the other dishes were on their way out.

Herb & Wood in San Diego

The French Onion Omelette, with caramelized onions, Gruyere Cheese and fine herbs. Even as I say, “Imagine French Onion Soup, but, as an omelette.” It doesn’t sound that appetizing right off the bat. But then, when you really think about it – I mean realllllllly think about it – it’s literally the greatest idea since sliced bread. I’m obsessed with French Onion soup, so I knew I had to order this. And holy javelinas, am I ever glad I did. You still get the consistency of your omelette, but with hints of Gruyere and French Onion. It’s absolutely fabulous.

Herb & Wood in San Diego

Breakfast Pizza: Mornay, Mozzarella, Pancetta, Red Onion and Egg. I’m not sure if you’ve read my review on Aloha Mixed Plate, but I go on a (slight) tangent about the lack of options for those of us who love having dinner for breakfast. And that the majority of the industry caters to those that want breakfast served all day long instead. Anyways, it’s a rather sore topic in my life – first world problems, I know – however, when I saw Breakfast Pizza on the menu, I knew I was home. I knew this place welcomed the dinner-for-breakfast type of crowd, and I said a little prayer of thanks. Ok, I didn’t really say a prayer, but I sure as hell dove straight into devouring this pizza. Pizza + Breakfast = Win. And this pizza is elegant, it’s beautifully constructed, and the pancetta and red onion made my dreams come true.


If you don’t stop by Herb & Wood, you’ve missed an incredible opportunity to view a beautiful restaurant, and to taste some of the most delicious food in San Diego. Here’s their Instagram for more visuals – just try not to drool. Or do, it’s totally acceptable.





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