Sarabeth's in New York City

Sarabeth’s in New York City


Sarabeth’s in New York City is a welcoming escape from the busy streets of NYC. With the option of indoor or outdoor seating, you can either fully escape the streets and reside inside, or, if you still want to feel the heartbeat of the city while sipping a mimosa, you can grab a table outside. Granted, they have multiple locations – but the one we went to was in Central Park South. Now, before I jump into the full review of Sarabeth’s, let me give you a little back story first. My family really loves food. Like, really really loves it. And I know a lot of you can probably say the same without question – but when a member in our family writes in all caps via group text “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS RESTAURANT” then one must try said restaurant.

And this is how Sarabeth’s landed on my radar. My parents were visiting NYC and made a breakfast stop at Sarabeth’s. Well apparently, it was one of the BEST places they’d ever eaten at. In fact, they loved it so much, they went there for breakfast every morning of their trip. Now this is extremely unusual for my parents who love exploring restaurants when traveling …  I was very intrigued.

Location: 40 Central Park South, 59th ST. New York, NY 10021 

Menu: American Flare

Price: $$

The Atmosphere at Sarabeth’s

The day had finally arrived. We were on our way to Sarabeth’s. I tried to keep an open mind when getting there, but let’s be honest, the expectations were set incredibly high before I even stepped foot in this restaurant. We walked up to the host stand, and were greeted by a trendy and friendly (I got rhymes) hostess. I wanted to add the trendy adjective here because it’s NYC, and my love of fashion and the attention to detail people in NYC have, gives me life. I literally fangirl over peoples outfits here – in my mind, of course. Anywho! She asked if we preferred outside or inside, and being the tourists we are, we opted for outside to people watch. The place wasn’t busy yet, so we had our choice of table. We chose one closest to the sidewalk, to be up close and personal for people watching. Within a few minutes of sitting down, game over. I was in love. The atmosphere here is everything. EVERYTHING. The people watching. The dogs trotting along the street. The views. The city sounds. It was like we had front row tickets to the greatest show: New York City.

Sarabeth's in New York City

Service at Sarabeth’s

Within a couple minutes of sitting down (before we got completely mesmerized by the city), our waiter greeted us with a friendly hello and waters for the table. He welcomed us to Sarabeth’s, and made small talk (which I love), to which I’m assuming he could do since the restaurant hadn’t picked up quite yet. We asked about his favorite brunch cocktails, and he named off a brilliant list of mimosas. Sold. We ended up going with the Four Flowers and Five Flowers Mimosas (more on those in a bit!). By the time we were on our second round of mimosas, Sarabeth’s outdoor seating was full. We were so glad we came early!

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