Dry Shampoos That Will Change Your Life

I have no idea how I’ve survived so long in life without dry shampoo. I mean seriously, this is a game changer. Ever since I moved to Arizona, my skin and hair have entered a rebellious stage, like those that attended Warp Tour growing up. My skin is rebelling by breaking out, and my hair is rebelling by being a greasy mess. I’m still working on calming my skin, but I’ve found some great dry shampoos that showcase my hair sans greaseball! Here are my top picks:

1) Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo – $26.00 for 5.4oz – (Selected: Dark Tones)

2) drybar – DETOX – Dry Shampoo – $23.00 for 3.5oz

3) Living Proof – Perfect Hair Day – Dry Shampoo – $23.00 for 4oz

So, there you have it folks! My favorite dry shampoos that have come in handy many times. If you’re not sure which one you’ll like, order the travel size! If you hate it, at least you didn’t buy big. If you love it, use your travel size for your traveling adventures, and purchase a larger bottle for your bathroom cabinet. You won’t regret it.

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