Surfing Burro in Maui


My hangry self was super excited to stop somewhere where I could get multiple meals. #SorryNotSorry. When a girl’s gotta eat, she’s gotta eat. Surfing Burro was an added bonus for our bellies while grabbing AE’s Thai.  And I’m so glad I indulged with two lunches! 

Location: 5123 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI. 

Price: $

Atmosphere at Surfing Burro in Maui

Considering this food truck is a mere 25 feet from AE’s Thai Kitchen, the atmosphere is essentially the same (lush gorgeousness all around). However, while grabbing my breakfast burrito, there seemed to be a lot more locals frequenting Surfing Burro, than there were at AE’s. Some locals were friendly, while others gave off the “Oh God, not another tourist” vibe. With that being said, if that vibe doesn’t bother you – and you’ve fully embraced being your tourist-y self, then the atmosphere is great. 

Service: Honestly, this was one of the better breakfast burritos I’ve had in a while, so it was worth the wait… But good lord, it took a long time! So if you’re not in a rush, this is a great spot to stop. Minus the amount of time to wait for your order, I also found the ladies working gave off the same vibes as some of the locals. Borderline annoyed with tourists, but not rude enough to leave a bad taste in ones mouth. I.e. I’ve met friendly people at food trucks.   

Chicken Burrito – It may not look that pretty, but it tasted pretty damn good.

Food at Surfing Burro in Maui

As mentioned before, this was one of the better breakfast burritos I’ve had in a long time. And that’s saying a lot, since I’ve lived in New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona. And yes, I’ve kept recorded of my favorite burritos and tacos from around the globe. And no, I’m not ashamed of that. Go ahead, judge me, it’s ok. By the way, for those wondering what holds the #1 spot: A food truck at an abandoned gas station in New Mexico, named Juniors Burritos. 

Overall: The food was delicious, but the vibe wasn’t totally awesome, which for me, plays a big part in the overall recommendation for a spot.

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